About Us

In 2012 I Began selling T-Shirts at Global Market. With a mission in mind, to spread the word of God, promote my clothing brand, help single moms, and raise money for a youth center.

 Two years later, in 2014, with a few dollars to my name I connected with MBC Human Development Center took a class, and they helped fund my business. They really shaped me and helped me take my business to the next level. I opened my first store at 501 Dale Street Saint Paul, MN


After 3 years of operating I decided to expand. I wanted to go harder and get my name brand out there. I got an idea to take my vision world wide. Selling clothes all over Saint Paul MN bars, restaurants, venues, beauty supply. Anywhere I was welcome. I used that space. University knows my name!

In 2017 I opened my second store with more ideas, team members, social platforms, and connections. God has paved the way! He gets the glory. I learned that if you want it you have to go get it. Never quit. Make a statement and share the gospel in a fresh, urban, and fashionable way.

 In July, 2020 I had the grand opening of Joe Peezy Wear LLC store at 445 Minnesota Street Suite 230 Downtown Minnesota. It has been the best experience. It has became a Lifestyle, a global movement, and a staple for believers to wear their story and express their Faith.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who has inspired me, supported me, and ultimately continues to help me spread the gospel of Jesus Christ on a global scale. 

 One Love,